Dr. Angela Corprew-Boyd

International Preacher, Leadership Consultant and Facilitator, Certified Professional Life Coach, Mentor, ordained Elder and Author, Dr. Angela Corprew-Boyd is using her gifts to propel others to their destinies.

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11th Prophetic Prayer Breakfast

Praise, Worship & Prophetic Prayer Ministry

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11th Prophetic Breakfast

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The Vision

Women Empowered in the Millennium, Inc. and Angela L. Corprew-Boyd Ministries, Inc. have been anointed, appointed, and assigned by God to empower men, women, and youth of diverse cultures, religious denominations, and educational backgrounds who are ready to embrace their purpose and destiny. The ministries offer an anointed transfer that brings about change to the “willing heart” of all whom are present.
We strive to meet the needs of the “whole” man, woman, and youth and the issues he/she faces, through workshops, seminars, conferences, intercessory prayer and Bible study, while pursuing his/her predestined destiny. Also, we aid these men, women, and youth to develop, enhance, and empower their leadership abilities to effectively minister to the body of Christ.

How We Fulfill Our Vision

  • Empowered Word Bible Study
        A. Thematic Focus
        B. Ministry Focus

  • Kingdom Building with special emphasis in
    A. Personal/Spiritual Enrichment
       B. Administration
       C. Leadership Training for Men, Women and Youth Ministries
       D. Christian Education
       E. Organizing and structuring seminars, workshops and conferences
       F. Articles of Incorporation and 501(c)(3)

  • Leadership Training Seminars
    A. Developing a commitment to God
       B. Developing a commitment to the ministry
       C. Developing the characteristics of Empowered Leaders
       D. Developing and cultivating skills of a Servant
            (Armor bearer, Deacon, Minister, etc.)
       E. Discover Spiritual Gifts
       F. Develop a Christian leadership style

  • Empowered Conferences and Retreats
        A. Corporate Fellowship
        B. Corporate Worship
        C. Corporate Prayer
        D. Corporate Praise
        E. Corporate Networking


11th Annual Women Empowered Prophetic Breakfast coming soon >>